The Secular Majority Platform

The Secular Majority Platform is based primarily upon the opinions of individuals registered with the American Secular Census, the independent national registry of demographic and viewpoint data recorded by Secular Americans. All American Secular Census registrants affirm that they are skeptical of supernatural claims including those normally associated with religion, and the majority identify as atheist. The sample size of the American Secular Census grows daily as new registrants record their demographic and viewpoint data. Platform statistics are based on a political viewpoints analysis performed on a 4-figure sample in the spring of 2014.

Areas of public policy addressed by the Platform concern legislation, funding streams, and government practices which meet one or more of these criteria:

  • Have the effect of privileging religious individuals and organizations, thus denying similarly situated secular individuals and organizations the equal opportunity and protection guaranteed by the Constitution.
  • Weaken public education through proselytism or religiously motivated teachings and policies.
  • Risk our national security and the well-being of American men and women in uniform by facilitating a culture of religious coercion, intolerance, or sectarian nationalism in the armed forces.
  • Place religious belief or practice above the health, safety, or Constitutional rights of individual Americans.
  • Inject religious symbols or practices into government events and venues.
  • Allow religious definitions to override civic or medical definitions of life, personhood, marriage, parenthood, family, gender, or other constructs central to personal liberty and human relationships.
  • Advance the notion that a particular religious tradition, religion in general, or theism is at the heart of what it means to be American.

Specific planks of the Platform appear in the righthand sidebar.

Candidates researched by Secular Majority organizers are given the opportunity to share their positions on Platform issues. Learn more about our evaluation process here.